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My journey into fiber art

My college minor was in Art but life got in the way and I went from making art to simply enjoying what others had created.

As my children grew older and more independent I enjoyed designing and making quilts, but I found myself yearning to break away from the rigidity of traditional quilt patterns. I wanted to do something more creative. 

When I retired I took a leap of faith and joined the Madison Contemporary Fiber Artists.  Soon after I joined a smaller group of women who share my passion for working with fabric beyond the boundaries of traditional quilting. This group -The 3150 Studio Artists - meets weekly to dye, stamp, silkscreen, discharge, embellish, and stitch our way beyond "grandma's quilt" to mixed-media works of art.  We are all "women of a certain age" and proof that it's never too late to explore and learn and grow.

I invite you to scroll down to see some of my work.  Prices are included in case you see something that would make the perfect gift for someone special  - or for yourself!  You can contact me to view the piece "in person" to decide if it is just what you want. ( Know that 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Mary's Pence, an organization supporting grassroots women's projects across the Americas that address injustice and poverty. (Go to to check it out.)



THE POWER OF MUSIC: TO BRING US TOGETHER AND TO SEND US FORTH 60"X36" SOLD Made to honor our church organist. (1500 pieces of fabric fused and quilted, then mounted on stretcher bars)
Close-up of The Power of Music
WHO NEEDS COLOR 14" X 14" $75 (paper, Tyvek, batting, threads; burned, collaged)
DOWN UNDER 10" x 26" $150 (hand-dyed & commercial fabric, thread; rusting, flour paste crackling, raw-edge applique, couching)
SOLAR ECLIPSE 14" X 14" SOLD (hand-dyed fabric, thread; dyed, appliques, sittched)
WINTER CAME EARLY 8" X 10" SOLD (hand-dyed fabric, paint, thread; monoprinted, stamped, stitched)
PERPETUAL MOTION 11" X 14" SOLD (hand-dyed and painted fabric, thread, ink; fused, stamped, dyed,, painted, stitched
NOTAN NATURAL WORLD 22" X 22" SOLD (fabric, thread; raw-edge qppliqued using Notan technique)
THE POWER OF POETRY 18"X12" Framed SOLD (Paper, fabric, thread, paint; stamped, sgraffitoed, crackled, stitched)
ENCHANTED GARDEN 21"X 17" with 3" white mat and deep black frame GIFTED (fabric, acrylic ink, acrylic paint, thread; painted, stenciled, stamped, image transferred, stitched)
TWO FANS 27"X42" $250 (Hand-dyed and commercial fabric, commercial and hand-dyed paper, distress ink; stamped, monoprinted, cut collaged, stitched)
MORNING WALK 34" X 22" framed NFS (fabric, paper, cheesecloth, paint, doilies, thread; fused, stitched)
A LONG WALK TO REDEMPTION 10"X20" $140 framed and covered with plexiglass (hand-dyed, stamped & lettered fabric, commercial fabric, paper; collaged, stitched) This piece asks the question: How much is enough?"
BREAKING AND ENTERING: ALZHEIMERS IDENTITY THEFT 18 "X 25" $175 (commercial and hand-dyed fabric, sheers; appliqued) I worked for many years with seniors and saw the heartbreak of people losing touch with their identities. This piece was done as a tribute to them.
SLOSS FURNACES 14" X 14" $75 framed in metal (hand dyed and commercial fabric, thread; dyed, fused, stitched) Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, AL is the only site of its kind being preserved in the US.
INTO THE WILD 21 "X 17" $175 with 3" white mat and deep black frame (Fabric, acrylic ink, thread; painted, stamped, image transferred, stitched)
SPRING FLORAL 20" X 24" - $200 (hand-dyed and commercial fabric, paper, Pearl Cotton; stamped, fused, machine quilted, machine embellished) Displayed at Madison Senior Center's "An Artful Affair" spring 2014
PRISMATIC WOODS 67" X 31 14" NOT FOR SALE (purchased hand-dyed and commercial cottons, Pearl Cotton; fused, machine quilted, reverse machine embellished) Note: This picture does not do the piece justice: It is huge, brightly colored, and very dramatic. CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE. (Shown at UW Madison Pyle Center Madison Contemporary Artists spring 2014 "In Living Color" show)
ODE TO LEE KRASNER 29" X 38" $400 (commercial and hand-dyed cottons; fused and quilted) I'm drawn to the paintings of artist Lee Krasner. This piece is an interpretation in fabric of "Untitled" - one of her "Little Images" for which she is famous. I've tried to retain the fluidity of her symbols as well as the gird-like quality of the entire painting. (Shown at Madison Senior Center - 3150 Fiber Artists' Spring 2014 art show)
COSMIC CHATTER 29" X 38" - $400 (Commercial and hand-dyed cottons, decorative thread, string; Fused, quilted, hand-stitched.) Krasner is thought to have painted symbols to depict communication. I ask the question: In some distant future will there be communication across the cosmos? (Shown at Madison Senior Center - 3150 Fiber Artists' Spring 2014 art show)
A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS 29 X 38" $400 (Commercial and hand-dyed cottons, satin, screening, papers, dry wall mesh; fused and machine quilted) Krasner's work has inspired me to consider the vast number of symbols we use to communicate today. (Shown at Madison Senior Center - 3150 Fiber Artists' Spring 2014 art show)
SPRINGTIME 20" x 16" matted and framed NOT FOR SALE (magazine paper, Citra Solv, paint, fusible web, netting; printed, stamped, paper altered, fused, raw-edge appliqued & quilted)
HUBBLE (based on Hubble telescope photos & quote by Oscar Wilde) 15" X 57" NOT FOR SALE (commercial and hand-dyed fabric, bleach, Transfer Art Paper; Sharpies; embellished with bleach and Sharpies, transferred text) Each panel was made from a single piece of fabric that reminded me of a particular Hubble telescope image. I dipped the opened end of a paper clip and the edge of a credit card into bleach hundreds of times to make the stars and the streaks of light. I then quilted each piece and combined the pieces with the Oscar Wilde quotation. All of this was inspired by the book "The Hand of God." NFS
FANTASY FLOWER 20" X 34" SOLD (at Olbrich Gardens' MCFA Wild Things show) (paper, commercial cottons, satin & sheers; painted, dyed, stamped, monoprinted, fused, raw-edge appliqued and quilted)
PURA VIDA 22" X 31" SOLD (at Olbrich Gardens' MCFA Wild Things show) (hand dyed cotton, commercial cotton, synthetic satin & sheers; sun dyed, fused, raw-edge appliqued & quilted)
GO WITH THE FLOW (depicting bubbly water flowing in a strong current at the base of a waterfall) 18" X 31" - SOLD (hand-dyed & commercial cottons, synthetic sheers, acrylic paints; dyed, monoprinted, stamped, fused, raw-edge appliqued & quilted) (Shown at Beaver Dam Area Arts Assn "Fiber Arts Now" show in spring 2014) Sold.
SHOW OFFS 37" x 29" SOLD (at Middleton Hills Creating for Causes show) (commercial cottons; fused, raw-edge appliqued & quilted) The bright fabric was a "challenge fabric" which I cut apart & used to bring these birds to life. Only tiny bits of it were left when I finished!)
SIDE BY SIDE 37" X 25" NOT FOR SALE (Hand-dyed & commercial fabrics, threads; pieced and heavily quilted) This piece was displayed in the 2013 Sacred Threads Exhibition in Herndon, VA with quilts from around the country and Canada - all exploring joy, inspiration, peace, grief, healing and spirituality.
SOMETHING NEW BREAKING FORTH 29" X 18" - SOLD (at Anderson Art Center, Kenosha, WI) (papers, Lutradure, hand-dyed & commercial cottons; dyed, painted, fused & quilted)
CHILD OF THE DUSTBOWL 18" X 24" $180 (commercial cottons, safety pins, oil sticks, acrylic paint; images Photoshopped & printed on fabric, garment sewn, stamped, colored with oil sticks, fused & raw-edge appliqued) This piece is based on a photo taken by Walker Evans of young Minnie Lee Tengle. It was displayed at the Overture Center for the Arts in conjunction with Forward Theater's 2011 production of "A Thousand Words." The eyes of little Minnie drew me into the photograph, but it was the safety pin cinching the over-sized and incredibly soiled dress Minnie wore that inspired me to create this tribute to her and to the families whose lives were so harshly impacted by the drought of the 1930s. This piece is also a tribute to Walker Evans whose photograph so honestly portrayed the dignity amidst the poverty.
IN THE GARDEN 19" X 25" $180 (hand-dyed & commercial cottons, synthetic sheers & satin, Inktense sticks; dyed, Inktense "painted," fused & raw-edge appliqued)
PENETRATING HEAT 11" X 18" NOT FOR SALE (hand-dyed cotton and hand-batiked cotton from a friend; dyed, fused, raw-edge appliqued & quilted)
FOREST WOMAN MASK 15" X 18" - SOLD (at 3150 Spring Art Show - Madison Senior Center) (Paper toweling, plaster, paint, Lutradur, , Tyvek, deli paper, glitter & sticks); moulded over plastic base & clay, painted, glued & glittered)
TRIO OF IRIS 9" X 15" SOLD (at the 3150 Studio Artists' Verona Library show) (hand-dyed & commercial cottons, synthetic satin, rice paper, deli paper, cheesecloth; dyed, painted, fused, raw-edge appliqued & quilted)
CITY STREETS 12" X 12" SOLD (at the Middleton Hills Creating for Causes show) (commercial cottons & paint; painted, stamped, fused & quilted)
NUMBER 42 16" X 20" - Make an offer. It really is rectangular; the photo just wasn't taken straight on. Shown at Overture Theater for the Arts in conjunction with the Forward Theater production 44 Plays for 44 Presidents

You can reach me at  I'd love to hear from you!

Let me know if you'd like to be on my mailing list for upcoming shows.  (You'll receive an email only 2 or 3 times a year.)


"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."

Thomas Merton


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Pamela | Reply 07.06.2016 11.41

Chris, your work is exquisite, so thoughtful, intense and expressed with a variety of themes, colors and shapes, both realistic and abstract.

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15.06 | 16:24

Your quilts are amazing! I recently attended a 1969 Morgan women's class reunion. If you'd like a class picture and update please send me your email.

28.01 | 16:11

Beautiful work. Let me know when you next show.

06.12 | 19:50

Mary, Art Mask ROCKS at MPL. Bravo, so interesting, Hope your group hangs a show at Cap Lakes in '17. Great space. Love your fiber art, so happy, it is magical!

22.11 | 14:02

Many thanks again. Your vibrant art looks awesome, hanging adjacent to "Dangly Things." The Path Ahead is a happy piece to own/admire. Gratitude & best Wishes

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